UPY  Behaviour - Winner

Montse Grillo

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UPY  Behaviour - Winner
'Survival' - Montse Grillo

It was a seemingly calm day, with nothing special happening, like many other times I have been out on the boat with friends. Then, suddenly in the distance, we spotted many birds diving into the water. And we went to see the show, five miles off the coast of Tenerife. The sardines were trying to escape the birds and dolphins, but without success. In a few minutes this fish ball had vanished. But for me memories of those moments are indelible.

Judge's comment: Peter Rowlands: This was a particularly visual favourite of mine which also captures the category's purpose to perfection – behaviour. It freezes the very essence of life underwater with great lighting and perfect composition right down to the bit part players in the background preparing to circle again to have another lunge into the unfortunate shoal.

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